ITV2’s Plebs to end after five series with feature-length special

Plebs series 6 won't be happening

ITV2 comedy Plebs is set to bow out after five series.


First airing in 2013, Plebs follows the young residents of ancient Rome and has proved a huge hit with viewers.

For fans eagerly awaiting news about series 6 there’s good and bad news.

While there won’t be another full length season, the show will say goodbye later this year with a feature-length special, The Sun newspaper reports.

“After five series, we wanted to go out with a bang. So we’re sending the plebs off to join the army,” co-producer Sam Leifer told the newspaper. “Unsurprisingly, they won’t cover themselves in glory or return as conquering heroes.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to watching Tom crawling on his hands and knees through the mud.”

Details about the final instalment are to be confirmed. It may not air until next year due to the current global health crisis.

Series 5, which aired last autumn featured lead characters Marcus (Tom Rosenthal), his feckless slave Grumio (Ryan Sampson) and their chirpy chum Jason (Jon Pointing), as they continued their Roman adventures.

The episodes saw the gang gate-crashing a banquet, pursuing an illegal archaeological dig, embarking on a wine-buying trip to Tuscany and befriending a firm of chariot hooligans.


The series also included a number of cameos including Amanda Holden & Tracy Ann Oberman (a pair of high-society aristocrats), Tony Robinson (an archaeologist!), John Thomson (a school PE teacher), Kevin Bishop (Jason’s brother), Leo Gregory (chariot hooligan) and Christopher Biggins (escort agent).

You can currently watch Plebs online via Amazon Prime Video here.

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