ITV axes two big Saturday night game shows in schedule shake up


ITV has it has dropped two of its Saturday night game shows.

The broadcaster has confirmed it currently has no plans for new series of either Sitting On A Fortune and Moneyball.

Hosted by Gary Lineker, Sitting on A Fortune last aired earlier this year and saw contestants competing to win a prize of up to £100,000.

Gary Lineker poses sat in a seat for a promotional image for Sitting On A Fortune

Players took to the stage and positioned themselves in a row of seats, one behind another. Where they sat made all the difference, as only the player in the chair at the head of the line had the chance to answer questions, stay in the game, and potentially win the jackpot.

A single wrong answer saw a player relegated to the back of the line, placing them in real danger of leaving with nothing, while someone else moved up to take the pole position. One player’s success could instantly become another player’s ruin.

Meanwhile Moneyball was hosted by Ian Wright and only recently concluded its second series on Saturday nights.

Players navigated their way through a series of questions, with each correct answer earning them a ball that they rolled onto ‘The Launcher’ – the machine at the helm of this brand-new high-octane show.

Moneyball on ITV and ITV Hub

In this game of skill, contestants had to press a button to ‘Lock The Launcher’ – setting the height from which the ball would be dropped. The higher the drop, the longer the ball would keep rolling. Tensions ran high as the ball rolled back and forth until it came to rest on either a cash amount or a dreaded ‘Danger’ sign.

The cash up for grabs continued to climb, but so did the pressure, leaving both players and viewers in suspense. Before contestants could think about spending their winnings, they needed to play one final ball – a Moneyball, which could determine whether they left with their hard-earned cash or went home with nothing.

Both shows are currently available to watch online via ITVX.

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