Inside the Factory (Carpets)

Inside the Factory (Carpets)

Gregg Wallace tours the Axminster factory in Devon, uncovering the process behind its annual production of 46,000 square metres of carpet.

He delves into the creation of one of their top products, the Havana Diamond Steel wool carpet.

Cherry Healey heads to the Good Housekeeping Institute to discover the science of removing stubborn stains from carpets. She tests her own remedies against expert techniques to address stains caused by butter, milk, and red wine.

Historian Ruth Goodman investigates the innovative 18th-century methods of a Devon-based carpet manufacturer that transformed intricate carpet making. She also examines the rise and decline of the durable flooring material, linoleum.

Inside the Factory airs on BBC Two on Sunday, 4 February 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the seventh from the show’s eighth series.