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Informer cast and spoilers from BBC One’s brand new drama

New BBC one drama Informer continues tonight on BBC One – who’s on the cast and what’s it all about?


The BBC describe Informer as a “complex, character-driven thriller”, which follows Raza, a young second generation British-Pakistani man from East London who is coerced by Gabe, a Counter-Terrorism Officer into informing for him.

Gabe, who has a past he wants to remain secret, is joined by Holly, his new and ambitious partner whose endless curiosity becomes a threat to him.

As the central counter-terrorism investigation heats up, the stakes for all three, their families and relationships, get higher and higher.

“Informer tells a story about identity in a world where lines are increasingly being drawn and sides are being taken,” say the BBC. “What happens when you, or your friends, family or neighbours fall on the wrong side of that line and the personal becomes political?”

Informer is back at 9PM, Tuesday November 6 on BBC One.

Informer cast

Gabe Waters is played by Paddy Considine, Raza Shar is played by Nabhaan Rizwan, Holly Morten is played by Bel Powley, Emily Waters is played Jessica Raine, Sadia Shar is played Sunetra Sarker, Nasir Shar is played Reiss Jeram and Hanif Shar is played Paul Tylak.


Further cast include Sharon D Clarke as Rose Asante, Roger Jean Nsengiyumva as Dadir Hassan, Mim Shaikh as Cut Waleed and Stanley Townsend as Geoffrey Boyce.

Completing the cast are Arsher Ali as Imran Aziz, Arinzé Kene as Salim Brahimi and Nell Hudson as Charlotte Humphreys.

Informer spoilers

In tonight’s fourth episode, Ruby Tuesday, as Raza disappears deeper into his undercover role, Gabe takes a journey into his past.

The CTSU team report to Headquarters on Raza’s intelligence regarding Igli Gramos as their possible ‘Big Shot’. They mount a surveillance operation, with Raza at its heart, to follow the Gramos’ money trail.


Gabe visits a contact from his undercover days, causing concern from his bosses at CTSU. Meanwhile his wife, Emily, has her own concerns about his state of mind and seeks answers from an unlikely ally.

Dadir drags Raza deeper into danger when he asks for Raza’s help finding his brother’s killer.