I’m A Celebrity’s Iain Lee branded a “bellend” as tension in camp mounts


There was tension in the I’m A Celebrity camp this evening as newbie Iain Lee stirred things up.

Since entering, new entrant Iain has been leading the celebs as jungle Prime Minister.

The celebrity campers are currently split into two camps and it’s led to tension.

One half – led by Iain – have been enjoying a life of luxury – while the others have had to struggle without beds and eating basic rations.

However – unknown to those in the other camp – it’s all for a good cause. Those living in luxury are secretly competing to win care packages from home for the others.

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But with that twist still not being revealed, it’s led to an atmosphere in camp.

In tonight’s show, the Croc Creek celebrities led by Iain talked about the others in Snake Rock. “We’ll have them back in a day or two. They’re going to f**king hate you” laughed Dennis to Iain. “When we talk to them, they’ll be fine. They’re a nice bunch. They’re lovely.”

Iain wasn’t so sure. “Oh god, Snake Rock will hate me. Even when the reveal is done and we say hey guys it was all fun and we were all doing it for you, I suspect that they’re all going to hold grudges against me.”

Iain later lay in bed and asked himself “what does it feel like to be the most hated man on I’m A Celebrity? S**t.”

In other camp, Rebekah Vardy (Becky) started to talk about Iain. “I can’t wait to tell Iain. I think he’s a bit of a bellend.”

“He’s got a game plan that’s clear” she added later.

Jamie said: “You can’t come in and tell everyone they look like shit and not expect it back.”

Becky continued: “I mean he might be really nice and I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it’s really hard when you’ve got someone that walks in and says that about you all straight away.”

“But he just seemed to have a very egotistical personality”” she continued.

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Later, Iain’s fellow new celebrity Kez said: “He’s clearly setting out to be funny and to entertain and to wind people up a little bit and that’s par for the course, that’s absolutely what you’d expect Iain Lee to do.

“I wonder what his game plan is though because eventually at some point the two camps are going to come back together so there’s going to be a bit of hostility towards him.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV with hosts Ant and Dec.