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I’m A Celebrity contestants banned from, err, ‘pleasuring themselves’ in camp

The jungle can get lonely but the I’m A Celebrity line up won’t be allowed to sneak off for some ‘alone time’.


It’s been reported that show bosses have banned the celebrities taking part in this year’s series from masturbating in the camp.

But they ARE allowed to get frisky with one of their camp mates – with consent, of course.

The Sun newspaper claims: “They are allowed to conduct some type of sexual behaviour with another camp mate so long as it is reciprocated.”

Other banned behaviours include non-consensual touching, bullying and homophobic language, all of which really shouldn’t need to be said tbh.

More things off limits for the celebs include the harming of any wildlife.

After Gino D’Acampo ’caused outrage’ when he killed and ate a rat, the celebrities mustn’t interfere with any animals that may wonder into their camp and should instead wait for experts to remove them.

The final ban in place is on certain ‘A list swear words’.


The C-word and F-word shouldn’t be used by the campers, even though all the swear words do get beeped out in the nightly highlights shows.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here will start at 9PM on Sunday night on ITV.

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