I’m A Celebrity’s Victoria Derbyshire faces snakes and a WOLF in latest trial

Victoria Derbyshire took on the latest I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here trial tonight.


With viewers now voting to evict, it’s up to the celebs to decide who faces the trials.

Tonight, Jordan immediately said that he was happy to take part while Russell also put himself forward.

Victoria said: “I’d really like to do a Trial because I haven’t done one on my own and I want to prove to myself that I can do it on my own. It might be a case of careful what I wish for but I want to see if I can do it.”

“It’s been very male heavy down there,” said Giovanna. The other campmates agreed so Victoria won the vote.

Victoria arrived at the Trials area and told hosts Ant and Dec that she felt “apprehensive, nervous, a bit scared also weirdly calm, perhaps on the verge of hysteria.”


Ant described what she had to do: “Hidden in the prison are 11 stars. Each star is protected by a castle critter. You must collect the star from the large animal protecting the prison. Then you can retrieve the keys from the warden’s office. Once you have these keys, you use them to open the locks in whatever order you want, then you’ll be able to retrieve the remaining stars.”

Dec continued: “When you find a star, put it in your bag. Only stars in your star bag at the end of the Trial will count. There are 11 of them to find and you’ve got just 12 minutes to find them.”

Victoria entered the first room of the prison where she was met by the warden holding a wolf. “Hello my darling, hello gorgeous” she said as she approached the wolf. She gently retrieved a star from its collar.”

This entitled her to enter the warden’s office where she would found a set of keys. Each key was numbered, which corresponded with a number on various doors, trapdoors and barrels.

She went to the first barrel, unlocked it and unscrewed a star which was protected by millipedes.

Victoria then discovered toads as she unlocked the second barrel and unscrewed another star.

She then unlocked a trap door to climb into a chamber to retrieve another star, this time guarded by frilled lizards. She unscrewed the star and placed it in her bag.


The next trapdoor revealed a cage which Victoria had to crawl into. It contained a Burmese python. Again she retrieved the star.

There was one barrel left for Victoria to unlock but she chose to go into another room which contained three cages all of which were full of offal. She slowly and methodically went through the offal, but couldn’t find a star so unlocked another trapdoor and climbed in to find the chamber contained snakes. She carefully unscrewed the star.

She unlocked another door which covered a chamber containing scorpions. She crawled in and unscrewed a star.

And then returned back to the barrels, unlocked the lid of one and plunged her hand into the water which contained eels – and a star.

The next room contacted a crow and she retrieved another star before returning to the offal as the time ran out.

Victoria had won 9 stars. “You were very slow” commented Ant. “Methodical” added Dec.


Victoria said “I would have liked to have got 11 obviously or 10, so 9’s going to have to do. I’m going to be a little bit proud of myself.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.