I’m A Celebrity’s Naughty Boy spills all on working with Beyoncé


I’m A Celebrity star Naughty Boy has revealed how he came to work with Beyonce.

The music producer teamed up with the pop icon on 2015 single Runnin’ (Lose It All).

Chatting to his campmates on I’m A Celebrity tonight, Naughty Boy spilled all on how the collaboration happened.

He explained: : “I’d met her in Beverly Hills – and Jay-Z… I think they were playing Backgammon. Fast forward about 5/6 months, she wanted to speak to me. She got my number from the label and called me.”

Naughty admitted: “Obviously I didn’t believe it. But this is why she’s a Queen. She wanted to speak to me [directly].”

He continued: “My friend was driving, we stopped at a service station because I had the call come in. It was her, it was the Queen, Queen B.

“After the call I was just like, ‘Store this number!’ I saved it as ‘Queen B’. She’s so caring and so exactly what you’d expect her to be. No diva-ness.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity, Simon and Louise took on the latest Castle Coin Challenge, which was hotpot themed.

They were tasked with memorising Cledwyn’s order, before catapulting the ingredients over a wall. One chucked the ingredients, the other had to try and catch them. When they got an order wrong, they got squirted with something.

Ultimately the pair completed the challenge and whose to try and win the remaining letters from home over bread and butter.

Camp was asked: “How many stars have the camp won since being reunited: 94 or 90?” Unable to come to a decision, Danny said: “I think it’s a coin toss.”

Using a seal from a used scroll as a coin, they flipped it, went for 90 and got it wrong.

When Cledwyn slammed his shop front, Simon said: “This is rubbish! Poor David and Adam. Adam would have loved a letter as well.”

Back in camp Adam said: “My kids are 24 and 27 so I think it would mean a lot more to David getting a letter with something telling him how his 3-year-old daughter’s getting on. Yes, it would be nice to have the letter from them, but I don’t need a letter to know they love me.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.