I’m A Celebrity’s Louise Minchin reveals her biggest fears: ‘I will scream a lot’

I’m A Celebrity’s Louise Minchin has revealed her biggest fear as she prepares to enter camp.

Former BBC Breakfast news presenter Louise is one of ten celebs set to join this year’s series when it launches on Sunday night.

Speaking about signing up for the series, the broadcaster says: “Going on I’m A Celebrity is a big adventure. It is very different to sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa and it will be scary and daunting but it will also be lots of fun.

“I’ve driven past the Castle quite a few times and I am really excited for it to be in Wales again.

“This time last year I had a broken ankle and I literally sat on the sofa at home watching every single minute of it thinking, ‘Oh my gosh that Castle looks incredible, one day I would love to be part of it’ and now I am!”

And Louise shared: “I didn’t tell [former BBC Breakfast co-host] Dan Walker I was doing I’m A Celebrity before coming to Wales but I don’t think he will be surprised! He knows me well and I think he will be both excited and nervous for me. I have been voting for him on Strictly so fingers crossed he will vote for me a lot.”

As for how she’ll handle the trials, the former news presenter predicts she will scream a lot.

“The biggest challenge for me is going to be small spaces,” she explains. “I can’t get in a lift with too many people in and I would rather walk up the stairs than get in the lift. And anything with cockroaches, spiders or rats I will squeal and scream. That is not my idea of fun at all!

“My family are very worried I will scream a lot and make a terrible fuss. But they are also really excited because they know how much I love challenging myself.”

So what will she miss most? Aside from her family, Louise is dreading not having a comfortable bed to sleep in.

“Being away from my family will be tough and I will miss them desperately,” she adds. “I talk to my daughters every single day about three times a day. I will also miss my really comfortable bed and my bath. I’ve camped before but that was only ever for two nights! This is relentless.”

Meanwhile, Louise says she doesn’t know what the future will hold when she leaves the Welsh Castle.

“I haven’t made any concrete plans,” she reveals. And I don’t know what the future holds but I am so looking forward to having some fun in Wales.

“My job is incredibly serious – especially so over the past 18 months – and I am really looking forward to the change doing I’m A Celebrity.”

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV and ITV Hub.