I’m A Celebrity’s Kadeena Cox and Naughty Boy row over rice (again)

Kadeena Cox and Naughty Boy clashed in another argument over cooking in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity.


Rice was once again the cause of unhappiness between the pair as they argued over lunch.

​​Naughty complained to Kadeena: “We don’t need to cook that now if we’re not going to eat it… That’s all the rice we have for tonight.”

Kadeena replied: “Yes because all the rice was cooked already.”

Naughty said: “There’s no need to get like that.”

When the conversation went in circles, Kadeena said: “I’m literally repeating myself a million times and I’m tired and it’s a bit annoying.”


Naughty Boy reacted: “The reason you’re having to repeat yourself is because I’m trying to understand what’s going on. You don’t need to get a***y with me, you really are. I’m speaking to you respectfully.”

Naughty Boy then walked away saying: “I’m not getting respect back.”

Later on the pair tried to clear the pair.

Naughty Boy pulled Kadeena to the side and said: “That little clash earlier didn’t really need to happen.”

Kadeena reflected: “For me, I was tired, you could see I was tired, I’d been out all day. I sacrificed speaking to my family, as much as I wanted Louise to have that, it’s hard… I’ve missed my family so much. I was frustrated. I just expected to get back and be able to eat and go to sleep.”

Naughty Boy replied: “I said, if you want to have a rest I’ll take over. We’re here to support each other. I’m not here to make anything difficult for you.”

Kadeena told the music producer she wanted them to “respect how each other feel” and “move forward”. She added: “You are one of the people I wanted to get to know.”

Naughty Boy comforted: “We are getting to know each other. It’s not that we’re not getting on. I don’t want you to even think that…. [we’ll] make friends for life [in here]. I don’t want to lose that.”


They hugged and Kadeena said: “I appreciate that, I really appreciate you speaking to me.”

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