I’m A Celebrity’s Giovanna Fletcher reveals story behind McFly hit It’s All About You

I’m A Celebrity’s Giovanna Fletcher has revealed all about McFly hit It’s All About You

Giovanna, who is married to McFly’s Tom Fletcher, spoke to the camp about the song in this evening’s episode.

Giovanna shared: “That was my Valentine’s present.”

She explained: “It was coming up to Valentine’s Day, Tom hadn’t got me a Valentine’s present, so he got into the studio and just literally wrote it super quickly, he said it’s just one of those songs that just came out and recorded a version that’s just him, really beautiful and then gave me the disc for Valentine’s Day.

“Then Comic Relief got in touch and said, ‘We want you to do the song and lead the campaign this year, do you have anything that’s appropriate?’ And Tom was like, ‘If my girlfriend won’t mind, I’ve written this song and it could work.’ They wanted a song that was a bit more personal.”

Victoria in the Telegraph said: “None of us knew this story and it was so romantic. We all know this track and it’s all about G. Absolutely the most stunning, loving gift ever.”

Giovanna then sang a bit of the song and revealed of the lyrics: “Our first slow dance, I remember being around his house when we were 15, his parents had gone to bed, we were downstairs in his kitchen and we were just having a cuddle.

“I said, ‘We’ve never had a slow dance before’, so we danced on his kitchen tiles and that’s the lyric… ‘dancing on the kitchen tiles it’s all about you’. That’s where it comes from.”

In the Telegraph Giovanna said: “I know the song is about me, but it’s become everyone’s song and I love sharing it with everyone.”

Giovanna also spoke about missing her boys while in the camp.

Giovanna said: “I’d say it’s quite a loud musical house. Buzz constantly has a guitar hanging around his neck and all the boys just wander into Tom’s room, pick up drumsticks, get on the drums, pick up the guitars. Max loves singing and has great rhythm. He’s saying bits. Think how much he’s going to be saying when I get out.”

Victoria comforted Giovanna when she got tearful asking: “Is it because you’re talking about them, yeah?”

Giovanna said in the Telegraph said: “It just came out of nowhere and that’s the thing isn’t it? You’re going, going, going. I think about the kids all the time and it’s just little things isn’t it that suddenly get you.”

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