I’m A Celebrity: Tension in camp as celebrities clash over chores

Tensions were simmering in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity as the mood in camp changed.

Opening this evening’s episode, Russell Watson said: “Mood today in camp is a little different than it has been the past few days. Everyone has been given specific tasks and there’s been a little of needle, ‘have you done this’, ‘have you done that’.”

Russell Watson said to Mo Farah and Giovanna Fletcher that he couldn’t boil water because the pots and pans hadn’t been cleaned. Giovanna said he should ask Shane Richie if he could wash a pan.

Talking in the Telegraph, AJ Pritchard said: “I like my job because it’s like ‘gentle persuasion’ or a nudge to some people to maybe say ‘here’s the washing up, it needs to be done’.”

AJ walked over to Shane and asked him to clean the pots and pans. Shane said: “I need hot water, I left them to soak last night, all ready to be cleaned but I need hot water.”

AJ replied: “But you’ve left them in the pan that does the hot water.”

Shane asked: “Left what in the pan?” AJ responded: “The big pan that we put the hot water in.”

Shane looked at Vernon as AJ walked away and said: “This ain’t working for me, the waiting for someone to do that…”

Talking about Shane in the Telegraph, AJ said: “His response was I need boiling water to do the washing up, well we need pots and pans to do the boiling water.”

Talking in the Telegraph, Shane said “I needed water and someone’s gotta fetch the water and someone’s gotta heat the water and unless I’m barking order I didn’t want to wash dirty plates and pans in cold water.”

Giovanna said in the Telegraph: “One thing we’re finding difficult is everyone had chores allocated. Everyone’s getting on with it, possibly some more reluctantly than others.”

Shane added: “This is where people get p**** with each other.” Victoria Derbyshire declared: “We won’t.” and Shane replied “No, we won’t.”

Later in the day, AJ read out a scroll revealing they’d won hare for dinner.

As camp chefs, Giovanna and Mo started to cook and prepare the meal for the celebrities as everyone watched them.

Talking in the Telegraph, Jordan North said “Mo and Giovanna are chopping it up and I just feel like everyone is watching them and I don’t know about you but especially in the kitchen if someone’s watching me I can’t do it.”

Vernon Kay said: “Now we all have our specific jobs around the camp it’s really difficult to watch and observe.”

Giovanna added in the Telegraph: “There’s definitely some micromanagement going on and when you’re in that situation you have to see it as people trying to be helpful rather than just sticking their oar in.”

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.