I’m A Celebrity tears as letters from home arrive in camp – but some miss out


There were tears on I’m A Celebrity 2021 tonight as letters from home arrived in camp.

However not everyone got theirs after a challenge took place to win them.

Throughout the day Kiosk Cledwyn called camp and read out a six digit code made up of letters, numbers and symbols. Each campmate had to remember the code until they were asked to input it into the computer. Rather than their own letter, the code represented another celebrity’s letter from home.

If they got it right, they won that person’s letter from home. If they got it wrong, it wouldn’t be delivered. Each was given three chances.

While most letters were won, Kadeena and Danny got their codes incorrect, meaning Adam and David didn’t receive their letters.

In the evening the campmates who’d won their letters had them delivered.

Simon read Naughty Boy’s letter from his sister Saira and niece Aisha: “I’m so proud of you and we’re missing you so incredibly much. It’s been amazing to watch your journey and how far you’ve come from your self-doubts, to overcoming your fears and becoming more and more confident. Mum is doing well and is missing you lots. You can see how proud she is. She talks to you through the TV, it’s the cutest thing. Keep at it, stay strong.”

Snoochie read Louise’s letter: “Darling Louise/ mum, you are just amazing. You truly touch our hearts each night. You are always first to be there to comfort and hold those who might be upset. But what I admire the most is you can do all that crazy stuff, but you always without fail put others first and foremost before yourself. Be bold, be strong, in the heart be you.”

Adam read Kadeena’s letter: “Firstly, we are all so proud of you, you are strong, determined and when you put your mind to it you can do anything. You have been an inspiration to us all at home. Now the whole world can see how amazing your journey has been and how you’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Matty read Simon’s letter from his wife and sons: “We’re all missing you like crazy. I’m so glad that everyone has seen the hilarious, kind and mischievous man I married. Keep being you Simon because that is enough. Dad, I miss you and love you but, I have to confess while you’re there, I broke the fence while playing football. You can’t tell me off because you’ve been farting and wafting it on national TV. Seriously though Dad, you’re smashing it. Our kind, super cool dad, you’re our hero.”

Frankie read Snoochie’s letter from her mum: “There are not enough words to describe how proud we all are of everything you’ve accomplished so far. You are truly an inspiration and I am in awe of you. Magnum is absolutely fine and has been watching you on TV. Zac says, ‘Yo, keep killing it big sis #letthemknow #itslit’.”

Simon read Matty’s letter from his mum: “We are all loving seeing you living out another of your dreams. All the family are well and 100% behind you. Keep having fun. Big hugs and kisses Mum, Dad and Tom’ – and [there’s] loads of kisses.”

Louise read Frankie’s letter from husband Wayne: “First of all, I did not vote for you to do the karaoke Trial. You are strong and determined, more than you know. I couldn’t be prouder. It’s been so good watching you just being yourself. Farting, wafting… blame it on the beans, hey babe? Mummy, you are the best mummy in the whole wide world. You are strong like daddy. Love you even more than the world.”

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David read Danny’s letter: “Dear Daddy, it’s Steph and Albert here. He recognises your voice on the telly and looks up at it when he hears you. I really think he looks more and more like you every day. We all love watching your relationship with David blossom. Thank you David for looking after our boy.”

David got emotional and tearfully continued: “Finally, remember what I tell you every day, you are strong, you are wise… we feel extra lucky to call you ours. You are our daddy, our only daddy, you make us happy when skies are grey. My first ever love and my last.”

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