I’m A Celebrity stars in tears over treats from home as some miss out

There were tears in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity as treats from home were offered up.


In tonight’s show, the campmates discovered a board in camp, which had their names written on it, as well as stars.

Camp leader Giovanna, reading from a scroll, told them it was their chance to win treats from home as well as food for the evening.

Throughout the day they were tasked with challenges to win keys, which opened boxes that could win them both dinner and treats. However, they also risked opening boxes with nothing in them.

Jessica, Jordan and Russell were chosen to take on the first challenge. There were 10 keys up for grabs, in a nautical-themed challenge which saw them transfer water into containers in a boat. Using oars and a leaky bucket, they had to fill the containers enough to be able to release the keys. Thanks to Russell’s hook-a-duck skills, they retrieved all 10 keys.

Shane, Beverley, Giovanna and AJ took on the next challenge together. They were faced with a large shield, acting as an air hockey table. The pucks positioned on the table contained keys. Using another set of plain pucks, they had to slide them down the table, to knock the pucks with keys into a hole. They retrieved 5 out of a possible 10 keys.

Then Vernon, Ruthie, Mo and Victoria worked together on their challenge. They faced a raised wobble board. Each time a ball with a key was dropped onto the movable track, they had to work in pairs to manoeuvre the key safely down the board. Any keys that fell off were lost. They scored 7 out of 10.


The campmates took it in turns to take a key from the bucket to open a box. A star equalled a meal for camp, if they found a treat they had to nominate who would receive theirs. An empty box meant no win and that key was lost.

Everyone got treats from home, apart from AJ, Jordan and Giovanna.

Beverley noted in the Telegraph: “it was really, really bitter sweet.”

Jordan told his campmates: “Honestly, don’t feel bad if you’ve got your treats from home.”

Speaking in the Telegraph an emotional Giovanna said: “Your heart aches and then you attach yourself to anything. How lovely would it be to hear from Tom and the boys, just a sentence? It’s a sentence and I’m going to pretend each sentence anyone gets is from the kids and I’m going to adopt them like they’re mine.”

Soon after the winning treats from the earlier challenges arrived.

Russell read out a note for Beverley from her husband and her treat was cookies.


Victoria read out a note for Vernon from Tess and his daughters saying that they were very proud of him and his gift was giant chocolate buttons which Vernon loved.

Vernon read a note out for Mo from his family and his treat was jelly sweets.

Beverley read a note out for Shane from his wife and his treat was chocolate.

Ruthie read a note out for Russell from his wife and his treat was mini cheddars.

Shane read a note out for Ruthie from her daughters and her treat was cheese and onion crisps.

AJ read a note out for Jess from her parents and her treat was chocolate.

Giovanna read a note out to Victoria from her family and her treat was chocolate.


The celebrities all shared their treats with AJ, Jordan and Giovanna.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.