I’m A Celebrity spoilers! New camp leader revealed after viewer vote

The new I’m A Celebrity 2020 camp leader has been revealed following a viewer vote.

Last night saw Ant and Dec open voting for the next leader after Jordan North’s time in charge.

As the current leader, Jordan as well as his deputy were not a part of the vote.

The result was revealed in today’s I’m A Celebrity… The Daily Drop​ on the ITV Hub, as host Vick Hope exclusively announced that the new camp leader is Giovanna Fletcher.

You’ll be able to see how she gets on in charge when I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9PM on ITV.

Also in the latest episode of The Daily Drop​, Beverley Callard joined the show from the Telegraph, as she was quizzed on her fellow campers.

Asked how the castle is, she said: “It’s freezing cold, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be. We are all having a good time.”

Of who puts a smile on her face she said: “Jordan, always. He never stops talking and we’ve got great chemistry and I love him.”

Asked who she’d want to run the Rovers with her she said: “I think I’d like it to be a woman, so I’d choose Hollie. I think two women should run the Rovers for a change and she’s really practical and sensible and she’d keep me in check.”

On who she’d cook a hot pot for Beverley replied: “AJ because he loves his food.”

Asked who is ‘mardy’ when tired or hungry she revealed: “Jess. She does eat a lot and if she gets tired and the hunger really kicks in she gets very sad and upset.”

On who she’d like to star in a fitness DVD with she added: “Oh, Vernon. I tell you why, he’s got really good coordination. Also, he’s working out in here every day. He’d be easy to train.”

Finally, asked who could charm her into cleaning the privy she laughed: “I think everybody could. I’ve taken my turn at doing the privy. Not that I enjoy it. But I would think it would have to be Russell as he would sing while I’m cleaning the privy.”

New episodes of I’m A Celebrity…The Daily Drop hosted by Vick Hope will be on the ITV Hub daily.