I’m A Celebrity spoilers! More celebs face elimination – and ALL are at risk

What happens on I'm A Celebrity tonight

Another celebrity faces I’m A Celebrity elimination tonight and all of the campmates are at risk.


I’m A Celebrity’s all star series in South Africa continues this evening with Ant & Dec arriving in camp with news.

The pair warn that time is running out to compete for the Legend title with the final this Friday.

Ant explains: “We’re here again with news. We’re here to inform you the race to the final starts here because we’ve got another survival Trial.”

Ant and Dec at the trial clearing

Dec then explains how the campmates will be chosen for the Trial.

But who will be facing the next tense test in a bid to stay in camp? And will they be happy about it?


Meanwhile there’s no respite for the victorious celebrity or the other remaining campmates as news of a second survival Trial is revealed to camp.

Reading out the Bush Bulletin, one of the celebrities says: “Please can you ALL get ready to leave camp!”

As they arrive at the clearing, Dec welcomes them saying: “The whole gang!”

And Ant explains: “We’ve got news. The survival Trials continue and you’ll all be taking part in this one. At the end of it, two people will be heading for home.”

Each celebrity is locked in a crate, with their heads poking out. They must untangle a key from a series of cords, unlock the padlock keeping them trapped inside and ring a bell. During the Trial, critters will be added to the crates. The last two campmates left in their crates will be leaving camp for good.

Plus, anyone who chooses not to take part or anyone who calls ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ during the Trial will be one of the two leaving.

Tensions are high with so much at stake.


joe in camp

Ant admits: “It’s very quiet.”

Dec says: “It’s very tense!”


Which two campmates are about to lose out on their chance to be crowned the first I’m A Celebrity Legend?

I’m A Celebrity… South Africa continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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