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I’m A Celebrity 2023 tonight (Tuesday, 5 December)

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here was back tonight with more jungle action and a third elimination.


Ant & Dec fronted this evening’s new live show from Australia at 9PM on Tuesday, 5 December on ITV1 and ITVX.

Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity eviction

In the episode, Ant & Dec swung by camp to announce the results of the third elimination of the series.

With the most votes, it was TV personality Fred Sirieix who left I’m A Celebrity.

He told Ant & Dec: “It’s like another life and now here I am! I’ve lived in the moment in the jungle and not thinking about what happens next.”

Recap the episode

As the camp prepared for another public vote-off, Nigel’s miscalculation of their reduced numbers sparked a light-hearted exchange with Nick. Nigel confidently stated in the Bush Telegraph, “I’ve got no apprehension about this morning’s eviction at all. For now, I’m a remainer.”

The announcement of Nella’s departure elicited heartfelt reactions. Tony shared in the Bush Telegraph, “I’ve loved getting to know Nella, she’s a lovely girl with a heart of gold. She’s funny, she’s got banter. She’s had her ups and downs, but ultimately Nella’s been a wonderful girl to be around.” Josie, surprised by Nella’s exit, remarked, “Jeez, I’m very, very surprised,” and later added in the Bush Telegraph, “The camp won’t feel the same without her. She got good energy, Nells.”


Marvin and Sam creatively passed the time by making their own movie. “What are you doing? You just made up a film like that?” Josie inquired. Marvin outlined the plot: “Basically, he [Sam as Merf] got suspended from work, he hit the bottle hard, his wife died in the line of duty so they do feel sorry for him. He just went to AA on a six-week course. In the meantime, I [Axwell] stepped up as sheriff.” The scene culminated dramatically with Merf dying in Axwell’s arms. Josie, intrigued, asked to join in, imagining her character as “a real power chick who wears a suit all the time.”

For the day’s trial, campmates had to nominate two members for ‘Fly On The Wall.’ Marvin expressed his eagerness, “I’m up for doing it, 100%. I want to get eight stars for everyone, so I’m ready to go,” which was met with unanimous support. Fred also volunteered, saying, “I’m going to go. I’m ready to go,” despite Sam’s willingness to participate. Fred in the Bush Telegraph remarked, “It was quite clear to me they didn’t want to partake in this Trial. In fact, Sam is more interested to play with his toys in the camp today.”

Marvin and Fred then faced the challenging trial. Ant and Dec outlined the task, with Dec quipping about their giant fly costumes. The trial proved difficult, with both Marvin and Fred slipping while trying to collect stars. In total, they secured 5 out of 8 stars.

Meanwhile, Danielle was declared the new camp leader, appointing Josie as her deputy. They assigned chores, leading Sam to comment in the Bush Telegraph, “I’ll be like the clown in the kitchen so Nick can get on and do what he needs and I’ll distract Fred.”


Sam and Josie were then given secret missions to earn a trip to The Jungle Arms pub for the camp. They managed to pull off their tasks, including scaring campmates and involving Tony in a secret songwriting mission. The successful completion of these missions led to a joyous evening at The Jungle Arms, with karaoke and laughter filling the night.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV1 and ITVX.

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