I’m A Celebrity 2023 tonight (Sunday, 10 December)


It’s the I’m A Celebrity 2023 live final tonight as three celebs compete to be crowned the new Queen or King of the Jungle.

Ant and Dec will host I’m A Celebrity tonight with a start time of 9PM for the final live show.

Nigel Farage, Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew are the final three. One of them will be crowned the new King of the Jungle tonight.

But before the results, the trio will each take on one last, personal trial. They’ll individually face their fears in order to win a luxury meal on their final day in camp.

The final will also welcome this year’s former campmates to crown the winner.

I'm A Celebrity final three 2023

Ahead of the live show tonight, Sam is the firm favourite to win but could an upset be in store?

Tune in to the I’m A Celebrity final tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX to see who wins!

Last night’s latest episode saw the camp buzzing with excitement when Josie revealed that the day’s challenge would be the much-anticipated Celebrity Cyclone. Sam’s enthusiasm was palpable as he leaped into Tony’s arms, exclaiming his excitement.

Each celebrity chose a superhero name for the challenge, reflecting their personalities and humour. Nigel became “Disruptor,” reflecting his life’s theme of disruption. Sam chose “Super-Merf,” while Josie named herself “Finger Slinger,” claiming to be the fastest gunslinger in the west. Tony, donning a red cape despite his football allegiance, humorously called himself “Teddy T.”

Upon arriving at the Cyclone, the celebrities were in awe, especially Sam, who declared it the coolest thing he had ever seen. Despite feeling a bit self-conscious about their outfits, they were ready to take on the challenge.

Hosts Ant and Dec set the stage for the Celebrity Cyclone, describing it as a big, wet, once-a-year challenge. The task was for the celebrities to place stars on four markers within a 10-minute time limit, all while navigating the unpredictable elements of the Cyclone.

The order of play was set: Nigel, Josie, Sam, then Tony. As the challenge commenced, Nigel innovatively crawled on his knees, while Josie faced a setback when she dropped a star and had to retrieve it. As time dwindled, Dec humorously noted that they might not finish the challenge, adding to the tension.

Tonight's I'm A Celebrity 2023 cyclone trial first look

Tony, embracing the challenge with gusto, fought off ball-shaped surprises and successfully placed the fourth star, completing the task for the team. The celebrities were thrilled with their performance. Sam called it the best thing he had ever done, while Nigel relished the fun and asked to do it again.

Tony appreciated the fight, likening it to a boxing match, and Josie laughed off losing a star, surprised by the power of the jets and the impact of the balls.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX with the final. The I’m A Celebrity Coming Out show will air next Wednesday.

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