I’m A Celebrity 2023 tonight (Friday 1 December)


Another five celebrities face a daring trial on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here tonight.

Ant & Dec return at 9PM this evening (Friday, 1 December) with ten celebs left in camp.

Last night saw red, Marvin, Frankie, Josie, and Danielle settle into their chairs at the Barbaric Barbershop.

Nella Rose in tonight's trial (1 December)

Tonight it’s the turn of Tony, Nick, Nella, Sam, and Nigel to confront a trial, this one called Grim Gutter Trial.

Confronting obstacles ranging from snakes to rats, they are tasked with racing against time to secure as many stars as they can. However, the right keys might elude them, necessitating collaboration with their fellow campmates to successfully complete the trial.

You can watch a first look at the trial below…

Yesterday, in the first part of a two-day challenge at the Trials clearing, campmates Ed, Marvin, Frankie, Josie, and Danielle faced the Barbaric Barbershop Trial.

Ant and Dec explained the rules: they had to use their mouths and tongues to assemble star shapes from pieces in a head box while seated in barbershop chairs. The catch was the pieces were mixed up and needed to be passed among them to form complete stars. They had 10 minutes to form 10 stars, with the option to quit the trial anytime.

The public voted to place each campmate with their feared critters: Fred and Marvin with snakes, Frankie with cockroaches, Josie with spiders, and Danielle with rats. As the trial commenced, Frankie quickly freed a star piece, followed by Marvin.

Josie, terrified of spiders, quit early, reducing the maximum possible stars to six. The campmates struggled with the puzzle, dropping pieces and further reducing their potential stars to five. Fred and Marvin, despite the added challenge of critters in their boxes, collaborated to assemble the stars.

In a last-second success, Fred completed one star, bringing their total to four out of a possible ten. Ant and Dec commended their effort, particularly noting the campmates’ courage in facing their worst fears.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs every night on ITV1 presented by Ant & Dec.

The I’m A Celebrity final airs next weekend as one of the ten remaining celebs is crowned King of Queen of the jungle.

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