I’m A Celebrity 2021’s Danny Miller and Snoochie Shy face eating trial

Snoochie Shy and Danny Miller faced the Dreaded Dinner in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity 2021 trial.


In this evening’s episode, Emmerdale star Danny and radio DJ Snoochie went head to head in an eating challenge.

Danny was voted by the public to represent the five celebs in The Clink while Snoochie was chosen by the other celebs in Main Camp.

In Dreaded Dinner, the pair were faced with a range of ‘treats’ to eat in order to win food for their respective camps.

Dec explained: “You guessed it, it’s an eating trial! You will compete head-to-head and the winning celebrity will feed their camp tonight.

“You’ll each be presented with five dishes which you must eat as instructed. The celebrity that completes the most dishes will win the trial and feed their camp and the loser will go back empty handed.”


Ant added: “You can pass on a dish, but you won’t be able to go back to it. And remember you don’t have to do the trial, but that means you’ll go back to camp empty handed.”

Danny was first up with Chicken Nippers which were cow’s teats while Snoochie was next with Lamb Foot Long which was sheep’s feet.

The second round started and Danny had Pig Tasty which was pig’s brain. Snoochie was next with Ken-Ducky Fried Chicken which was a fermented duck egg.

Danny was up next with Fillet O-Catfish which was fermented catfish while Snoochie had a Sneeze Burger, a cow’s nose.

Next up for Danny was A Big Sack which was a goat’s testicle while Snoochie’s next meal was Savel-Eye and Chips, raw fish eye.

In the final round, Danny was presented with a Grot Dog which was a large bull’s penis. Snoochie’s final meal was a Ring-Er Tower Burger, a cow’s anus.

As they both completed all 5 rounds, Ant and Dec announced that as they had a tie they’d now each get a Van Hella milkshake (blended fermented tofu). The first person to drink it would win.


Danny and Snoochie both downed their drinks and Danny won, he was so happy with himself and pleased The Clink campmates would eat.

Snoochie said: “I’ve had a good time, but I can’t lie, I’ve had better. I’m happy for Danny though, it means The Clink will eat, they need food.”

Hosted by Ant and Dec, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV.


In 2021 the series returns to the history Gwrych Castle.

As ever, viewers will tune in as the stars face tough trials to win food ahead of one celebrity is named 2021’s King or Queen of the Castle.