I’m A Celebrity 2019 campmates take shelter as heavy rainstorm hits jungle camp

Andrew Maxwell deals with blood-sucking leech following shock downpour

The I’m A Celebrity 2019 campmates were forced to take shelter yesterday when a storm briefly battered their camp.

The eleven remaining contestants on the ITV survival show were startled when thunder rolled over the Australian outback.

Soon enough, the weather took a turn for the worse and heavy rain began pouring over Snake Rock.

The sudden change in atmosphere stunned the group and left them scrambling to pull on their raincoats.

“It was all nice and sunny and within five seconds the heavens opened,” noted Roman Kemp. “Complete downpour, it was mega.”

“It was mental, I’ve not got drenched like this in under 3 seconds before. it’s scary actually,” reacted Jacqueline Jossa.

“I’ve never ever seen rain like that,” added Cliff Parisi.

The celebs threw their rucksacks in to the phone box to keep them dry, before gathering in the leaders’ cabin for shelter.

Myles Stephenson kept them amused by “making memories”, taking photos on his disposable camera.

Meanwhile, Roman and Kate Garraway tried hard to save some of their sleeping bags and personal belongings.

Dashing around the torrents of water, they managed to retrieve items that had been left on Andrew Maxwell’s bed.

“Water was just pouring all into camp, it was like a movie scene,” commented Roman.

“It was a complete and utter washout,” added James Haskell.

However, it was only moments before the skies cleared and the sun began to appear.

As the campmates emerged from their solace, a blood-sucking leech attached itself to Andrew’s leg, leaving him reaching for the first aid kit.

Shortly before the dramatic storm, the group had shared their opinions on couples who declare their love on social media.

“The number of people I’ve seen do that and the next thing you know they broke up,” scoffed Andy Whyment.

“It’s like you are just trying to make people think you have this amazing life.”

Roman was less cynical, suggesting such posts are simply a reflection of generational change.

“Someone used to come home with flowers, but an Instagram post can do just the same,” he suggested.

James was more irritated by attention-seeking status updates.

“When you get someone putting ‘what a s****y day’, and some asks them what’s up and they tell them to DM… oh f*** off!” agreed Andy.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV. Extra Camp follows immediately after the main show on ITV2.