I’m A Celebrity 2019 campmates reunited after twelve-star Bushtucker Trial win

Jailed outlaws freed after celebs held live critters in their mouths at the 'Pest Office'

All twelve I’m A Celebrity 2019 contestants have united in main camp for the first time after winning a full house in the latest Bushtucker Trial.

Since latecomers Andy Whyment and Cliff Parisi joined the ITV show a few days ago, the celebs have been living in separate camps.

Some have remained in the comfortable main camp, while others were outlawed to the rough Jailhouse.

The divide finally came to an end yesterday when the entire line-up visited Ol’ Dingo Town one last time for a group food challenge.

Hosts Ant and Dec confirmed they would all return to Snake Rock, sharing however many meals they won.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Outlaws endure Pest Office Bushtucker Trial

To earn them, the celebs had to visit the village Pest Office. The five remaining outlaws were banged up in a jail cell, where they had to withstand the bugs that fell on top of them.

Meanwhile, in the first part of the Trial, the seven main campmates took turns to hold live creatures in their mouths. Each one held for 60 seconds would earn them one star, representing one meal.

After earning their third, sixth and ninth stars, they would be able to release one outlaw from their endurance ordeal.

As cockroaches and mealworms were dumped in to the cells, Adele Roberts got to grips with a spiny leaf insect.

Ian Wright tackled six witchetty grubs, before bailed inmate Cliff encountered beach worms, comparing them to jelly snakes.

Having successfully obtained the third star, the EastEnders actor chose to release squeamish Kate Garraway from the cell.

Caitlyn Jenner was up next, taking a yabbie in to her mouth. “Finally a bit of peace and quiet,” joked James Haskell.

Nadine Coyle held six cockroaches, and James himself took on a giant burrowing beetle.

With six stars in the bag, the rugby player freed Jacqueline Jossa. “I missed you guys,” she reacted.

Roman Kemp got to grips with a scorpion on his turn, before unlucky Ian was randomly selected to clamp a huntsman spider.

Ant and Dec then moved on to the second part of the Trial – another dastardly eating challenge.

The presenting duo continued to draw names at random, determining who would nosh on jungle nasties.

Caitlyn and James had to chew on cow eyes. The latter earned the ninth star by finishing first, releasing Myles Stephenson from his critter chamber.

Although she retched at the disgusting dish, Caitlyn also swallowed hers, securing another star.

Finally, Nadine and Adele downed cow anus, winning the remaining two stars.

The end of the Trial meant the remaining outlaws, Andy and Andrew Maxwell, were finally free to go.

The celebs were elated to have won all twelve meals on offer – their first full house since day three.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.