Idris Elba’s Fight School: New series coming to BBC Two


Idris Elba’s Fight School is the new TV show coming to BBC Two.

The series will see Idris set up an experimental fight school in London, which will provide an outlet for young men and women whose circumstances around their upbringing have not given them the opportunities to make the right choices and avoid street violence.

The BBC say: “With deep consideration and consultation from local organisations, Idris will enlist seven recruits from across the UK, in the hope of teaching these young adults discipline, focus and determination – all key elements in the world of fight training.

“The life lessons learned from Fight School will hopefully give them the tools, determination and direction to transform their lives and stay with them long after the immediate challenge.

“Audiences will see the recruits return home after their gruelling but life-affirming journeys, armed and empowered with their newfound knowledge and fresh perspectives that they will have gained in Idris Elba’s Fight School.”

Idris Elba’s Fight School will start on Sunday, 17 April at 9PM on BBC Two and iPlayer.

The show will follow the recruits living and training together over six intense months, they will battle it out against other amateurs and work towards a big showcase finale.

Idris will be mentoring the young adults while they will be trained in the ring by the hardest and toughest in the boxing industry, who also happen to be ex-world class champions.

“This raw yet thought-provoking series will demonstrate what can happen when people are given a fighting chance to turn their lives around,” the BBC add.

Idris Elba said: “I see history constantly repeating itself and can empathise with these kids. I believe there is a better way to teach people that you don’t need knives to protect yourself. It’s a proven fact that in urban areas where fight schools open, violent crime drops dramatically – which is why I wanted to do this project, in hope that we can change people’s lives.

“I want this project to be an ongoing presence that will continue to provide support and education for the community for years to come.”

Idris Elba’s Fight School will start on Sunday, 17 April at 9PM on BBC Two and iPlayer.

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