Ibiza Weekender’s Jordan Davies hits back after being kicked off the show

Jordan Davies has hit back after being sacked from Ibiza Weekender.

Jordan was kicked off the ITV2 show last night’s episode.

In the show, Head rep David finally had a full team of reps again and was determined to keep them on track, especially the newly reunited Jordan and Chyna.

But with the arrival of the girl guests and yet another ex of Jordan’s, there was once again tension.

Following a season where Jordan’s past has repeatedly haunted him and caused most of the drama, along with his behaviour and professionalism slipping, David decided enough was enough and in a shock move fired him.

Speaking after his exit today, Jordan defended himself and suggested he would be back.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I think they will take me back. After seeing the response they’d be silly not to. I think they’re going to realise they made a big mistake. So let’s just hope nobody watches this Sunday.”

Jordan continued: “I did think it was the wrong decision to get rid of me because I’ve been the longest serving cast member on there. And I’m one of the best on there. So getting rid of me was the wrong choice. I’m like Ken Barlow. I would love to go back. So it all depends on if they’ll have me back.”

And he added: “I got a bit emotional – couple of tears in the eyes. If it wasn’t for Ibiza Weekender I wouldn’t be here today. It’s given me so many opportunities. It was a sad ending which is why I’d like to do one more.”

The reality star admitted he had a few “wrong decisions” but wanted a “dignified exit”.

“I’d like to do one more series and decent exit out of it instead of getting sacked because it’s not exactly the best way to go out after you’ve been on a show for seven series. I would love to go back and do one more,” he explained.

Ibiza Weekender airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.