Ibiza Weekender spoilers: Birthday surprise for Jordan as Isobel returns!

Ibiza Weekender 2020 continues tonight on ITV2 and here’s a first look at this evening’s latest episode.


Hit reality series Ibiza Weekender is back for its sixth season, once again following a lively group of holiday reps as they give their guests the time of their lives on the renowned holiday island.

With fixed rig cameras at the hotel, the series captures all of the drama and reality as it unfolds.

In tonight’s episode, Jordan is even more excited than normal as it’s his birthday and he takes every opportunity to tell everyone, including the new guests.

However he is kept waiting for any recognition of it until the second day when David throws him a ‘kids’ party including the surprise arrival of girlfriend Isobel.

Isobel returns as a temporary rep to lead the guests in a fun weekend.

You can watch a first look at tonight’s episode in the clip above.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode (Sunday, March 7), while Callum and Riva are growing closer, much to Chloe’s displeasure, Tash is not sure how to forgive Jaden for lying to her last weekend.

Before saying farewell to the latest batch of guests there is just time for a master class in Burlesque, but even this is not a big enough distraction for Chloe as she struggles to work on shift with Callum and they fall out. Leaving this year’s Lothario, Callum, yet again under David’s spotlight and in danger of being sent home.

Ibiza Weekender airs Sunday nights on ITV2.


Episodes currently air at 9PM.

You can catch up with all the latest episodes online via the ITV Hub.