Ibiza Weekender 2019 cast, air date and spoilers from the new series

Ibiza Weekender spoilers and cast 2019

Ibiza Weekender is back for a brand new series in 2019 continuing tonight on ITV2.


But when does it air on TV next and who’s on the cast?

Ibiza Weekender 2019 follows a lively group of new and returning holiday reps as they give their guests the time of their lives on this renowned holiday island. With fixed rig cameras at the hotel, the series will capture all of the drama and reality as it unfolds. Expect high jinks, outrageous nights out and dramas around the clock.

Weekender’s latest series saw the highest viewing figures yet, peaking at 1 million.

Now its latest season in the sun is airing Sunday nights at 9PM on ITV2.

Ibiza Weekender cast

Those on the cast will include head Rep David (El Jefe, ‘ the boss’ in Spanish), regular rep Jordan Davies plus Callum Izzard who joined the show in 2018..

Plus, there will be some new talent with a trio of new reps – Tash, Isobel and Chloe – together with a very charming work experience boy, Savvas.


Ibiza Weekender air date and spoilers

The new series started Sunday, January 6 at 9PM on ITV2. The next (tenth) and final episode in the series is this Sunday, March 10.

In tonight’s show, as the season draws to a close new assistant head rep Savvas is starting to make his mark, though he’s already made quite an impression on Nicola. Just a pity she’s a rep.

Not that the rep romance rule is going to stop Jordan and Isobel. Even though she’s now on probation they’re still sneaking kisses behind El jefe’s back.

When man-mountain guest Alex turns up and takes a shine to Isobel will it cause a problem for their secret romance?

There’s also a surprise in store for Callum when Chloe returns to ask “what are we?”


However it’s El Jefe who’s got the biggest surprise of the weekend, heading off on a date and leaving Savvas in charge.

Is this a chance for the new assistant to change the rules?
You can watch episodes online for free and catch up now on the ITV Hub.

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