I Literally Just Told You with Jimmy Carr gets second series on Channel 4


I Literally Just Told You will return for a second series to Channel 4.

Hosted by Jimmy Carr, the game show was created by Richard Bacon and produced by Expectation.

Following its debut last year, Channel 4 has announced a second series has been commission.

In each episode of I Literally Just Told You, four contestants have the opportunity to compete for a cash prize of up to £25,000 by answering questions that have been written live as the show is being filmed.

The questions can be about absolutely anything that happens during the show, from a celebrity cameo to an off the cuff joke or even something one of the contestants has shared about themselves.

The second series will see an longer run of eight episodes and two celebrity specials.

Speaking about the show previously, Jimmy Carr said: “Jimmy Carr said: “I Literally Just Told You is the best pitch for a TV show I’ve ever heard. All the best ideas sound crazy when you first hear them, but I genuinely believe this idea will stay crazy for years.

“And most importantly, I like the title, which makes it sound like I’m properly annoyed with you just for asking me what it’s called.”

You can watch the first series online on All 4 here.