Hypothetical series 3 start date confirmed as Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster return

Series 3 of Hypothetical is on its way to TV with Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster.


The pair will be back to front their bonkers theoretical comedy show on Dave with a new series of eight episodes.

Series 3 of Hypothetical will begin on Wednesday, February 10.

Josh Widdicombe said: “Thank you to everyone at Dave and UKTV for again allowing me to piss around with my friend James and put it on TV.

“I for one won’t rest until we have found out whether every celebrity in Britain would wear the big or little hat.

James Acaster added: “So excited to be back on your screens gunging contestants and giving away speedboats baby!”

Hypothetical sees top comedians are posed absurd hypothetical situations and scored on how well they would deal with them.


Over three rounds, two teams of comedians must think fast as they are faced with a series of completely made-up scenarios and interrogated on their approach to each one.

Host Josh Widdicombe poses the questions and interrogates the guests’ methods, whilst James Acaster, as arbiter of the Hypotheticals, deals with the guests quibbles and queries and doles out the points.

Luke Hales, Dave channel director said: “We are so excited to be bringing back Hypothetical for a third series – we loved the first, and series two is even stronger.

“We have a unique, fresh and very funny format hosted by two of the best loved comics in the UK.

“The guest line-up has gone from strength to strength and the rounds have got even funnier – there is still no script, the guests remain fully on the spot and forced to think off the top of their heads – the result is comedy genius.

“For my money this is one of the best comedy entertainment formats in the market at the moment.”


For now you can watch the first two series online in full via UKTV Play here.

Picture: UKTV