How’s Your Head, Hun? Vanessa Williams, Nikki Tutorials, Denise Van Outen and Mark Gattis join Michelle Visage

The latest episode of Michelle Visage’s How’s Your Head, Hun? will feature guests Vanessa Williams, Nikki Tutorials, Denise Van Outen and Mark Gattis.


The new eight-part series is available online via BBC iPlayer with new episodes every Tuesday at 6AM UK time.

In this week’s latest episode, Michelle chats with actress and America’s first black beauty queen, Vanessa Williams on the current Black Lives Matter movement around the world.

Vanessa shares: “The past three to four months have been shocking. Of course with the recent George Floyd video and the Black Lives Matter movement. Everyone’s woke now! So, that’s the best thing to come out of lockdown.”

She also adds on how communities can make a difference, saying: “Vote and make a change.”

Denise Van Outen pops in for a chat, discussing how her head has been during lockdown. She says: “I’m feeling positive and happy! I have good days and bad days but at the moment, I’m on the up!”

Fresh from appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox together, her partner Eddie also joins for a game of ‘Mr and Mrs’. Michelle & David vs Denise & Eddie… who will win?


Mark Gattis, screenwriter and actor, shares his writing block woes during the lockdown, saying: “I’ve been trying to write but I’m finding it very difficult. I thought it’d be the time to write a great novel but surprisingly, the muses are loosened. I couldn’t do it in this pandemic!”

Reminiscing on what he’s most excited to do when this is all over, he says: “The idea of seeing friends in a restaurant or going for a drink. All these things you just completely take for granted!”

Michelle also chats with YouTube star Nikki Tutorials about her courageous story of coming out as transgender last year.

Nikki says: “The way I was received was so loving and warm. Of course people were shocked but with my new role into the rainbow LGBTQ+ family, I want to make sure that we need to be accepted.”

She adds: “I felt so free and so liberated!”


Meanwhile, it’s Michelle and her husband David’s 23rd wedding anniversary! They reminisce over the highlights of their relationship and discuss “Love in the Time of Quarantine,” and how lockdown has affected romance.

BBC Three’s How’s Your Head, Hun? is available now on BBC iPlayer, running for eight episodes.