How’s Your Head, Hun? Lorraine Kelly, Brook Lynn Hytes & Titus Burgess join Michelle Visage

The latest episode of Michelle Visage’s How’s Your Head, Hun? will feature guests Lorraine Kelly, Brook Lynn Hytes and Titus Burgess.


The new eight-part series is available online via BBC iPlayer with new episodes every Tuesday at 6AM UK time.

In this week’s latest episode, we’re four months into lockdown and Michelle’s L.A home is starting to drive her a little bit crazy!

Michelle catches up with the iconic host and Drag Race fan Lorraine Kelly, who chats about keeping fit during lockdown.

Lorraine says: “I am really missing my exercise classes. I am doing it at home now and I’m trying really hard! Also, taking my little dog for a walk has saved me.”

Lorraine also discusses the moment she transformed into her drag queen alter-ego Morning Gloria, revealing: “Something inside of me was unleashed! Suddenly that young girl inside of me that I’ve been suppressing for years, who’s fearless, came back!”

Michelle is also joined by star of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tituss Burgess.


Tituss shares his love/hate relationship with fitness during the lockdown, saying: “I was really gung-ho for the first few weeks, working out in my garage. My treadmill and I were one! Suddenly, we were in couples therapy and I haven’t talked to that girl in weeks!”

Meanwhile, Drag queen Brooke Lynn Hytes also rings in to chat about her stint as a judge on Drag Race Canada. She says: “It’s been such a blessing and I’m so grateful during this time to have something to look forward to and offer people something to look forward to.”

She continues: “I’m so excited. It was such a dream to make it and experience it and to be on the other side of the panel.” Canada’s Drag Race debuts on BBC Three from July 3rd on BBC iPlayer.

Elsewhere, with most of her working life on location, Michelle is not a natural homebody. However, she is determined to nurture her inner Martha Stewart and come out of lockdown with a skill – and in this case it means fulfilling a lifetime ambition of learning how to fold a fitted sheet and clear out her scary, cluttered kitchen pantry.


So, she enlists the help of The Style Sisters, Gemma and Charlotte, all the way from Essex, to help her de-hoard and re-organise.

BBC Three’s How’s Your Head, Hun? is available now on BBC iPlayer, running for eight episodes.