How did they do it?! Britain’s Got Talent mind readers stun judges

How did they do that?!

The Britain’s Got Talent judges were left stunned by a pair of mind readers on this weekend’s show.

Auditions were back tonight (May 18) with Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams on the panel.

One of acts appearing on the show were Mind2Mind, made up of couple Marina from Ukraine and James from Milton Keynes.

The pair started their act by inviting Ant and Dec on stage to help blindfold Marina who remained with the Geordie duo.

James then went down to the judges desk and asked to go through Amanda’s hand bag extracting a variety of random items.

Despite being blindfolded on stage, Marina was able to correctly identify the items that James held, including a charger and perfume.

James then invited Amanda to join Marina on stage and invited her to pick a random country from a list of 100 before focusing on it in her mind.

Back at the judges’ desk, James instructed Simon to close his eyes and put his fingers in his ears as Marina helped Amanda telepathically communicate the country to Simon.

James asked Simon to write down the country he was thinking about before Amanda revealed it was Italy.

And sure enough, that was the exact same country that Simon had written down.

You can watch Mind2Mind’s Britain’s Got Talent audition in the video above.

David reacted: “I am in total aw of the pair of you and your power. It was incredible. It was a really amazing moment.”

Alesha agreed: “You’ve done a great job when everybody is sitting here scratching their head trying to work out how you did it.”

Amanda added: “I have no idea how you did that. Your act felt very mysterious. It was amazing.”

“It was mind blowing. Start to finish, amazing,” concluded Simon Cowell.

Other acts on this week’s show include cheeky dance duo Libby and Charlie and the Truro Cathedral Choir from Cornwall who sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Plus there’s young magician Dan Rhodes and singer Jacob Jones who also uses his audition to propose.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 continues next Saturday night with the final round of auditions.

The live shows begin the Monday after, May 27.