How did they do it!? Britain’s Got Talent 2019 mentalist freaks out the judges

Mind reading magician stuns the judges with this trick

A mind reading magician freaked out the judges on Britain’s Got Talent 2019 this weekend.

And Ant and Dec were the centre of his act.

They got involved with a mindbending performance tonight in one of the ‘spookiest’ auditions ever.

Over the years, the Geordie duo have danced, put their heads in a chopping block and even had knives thrown at them.

However, it seems nothing has left them more baffled than the mysterious magician called ‘X’ who invited them on stage during Saturday’s show.

The mentalist tested how in sync they are with each other, making Ant act as a voodoo doll for Dec, before they both drew the same picture without looking.

“We didn’t know we were going to be part of this act,” explained Dec. “He goes on stage and starts talking about how this act can only be done with two people who have a real bond.

“So because we’ve been working together nearly 30 years, he got us on stage. We had to sit on separate chairs with our eyes closed so we don’t know what happened.

“All I know is that I got prodded and everyone was telling us afterwards that he never touched me, he always touched Ant. Yet I could feel it!”

Ant continued: “We had to both draw something with our eyes closed and we drew the same thing, that was mad.

“We are quite in tune with each other. This guy took it to another level.”

After the audition, Amanda Holden reacted: “How did they do that?! I couldn’t stop watching, really amazing.”

Alesha Dixon declared: “Fantastic, I want to see more and more.”

David Walliams praised: “That was the spookiest thing we’ve ever seen on Britain’s Got Talent. It was one incredible bit of magic after another. Just a perfect act, well done.”

And Simon Cowell concluded: “Extraordinary. It’s impossible to do what you did unless you’ve got magic powers.”

With four yeses, the mysterious X went through to the next round.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

Straight after each episode you can watch More Talent with Stephen Mulhern on ITV2.