How did she do it? Britain’s Got Talent 2019 magician freaks out the judges

How did she do that?!

A haunting magic act freaked out the Britain’s Got Talent 2019 judges in this weekend’s first auditions.


A mysterious woman called Elizabeth took to the stage this evening and freaked out Amanda Holden – but how did she do it?!

Starting her act, Elizabeth told the judges: “I’m here to show you something special and try to make the impossible possible.”

She invited Amanda Holden below the stage at the London Palladium, revealing rumours of ghosts that haunt the theatre.

Elizabeth shared photos of people who had been dead for over 100 years. She asked Amanda to pick one at random, choosing Agatha Turner from 1860.

Suddenly the lights went out and Elizabeth instantly transformed into the ghost of Agatha.


“I want to go home!” screamed Amanda.

As Agatha then led Amanda back to the stage, she transformed back to Elizabeth.

After the audition concluded, Alesha Dixon commented: “It was the most scary act we’ve had on the show and I want to see more.

“It was horrific and brilliant,” added Amanda Holden.

“Amazing, I mean, really amazing,” remarked Simon Cowell.

“I was seriously spooked,” concluded David Walliams as Elizabeth left the stage with four yeses.

“The night’s not over yet,” she teased before disappearing.


Tonight saw a bumper opening episode of Britain’s Got Talent auditions as series 13 began.

Opening this year’s first round of try outs was The Queen who gave the judges a roasting in an hilarious audition.

Other acts on this weekends opening round of auditions are Japanese dance act Fabulous Sisters and all singing and all dancing kids from Flakefleet Primary School who left David Walliams in tears.

And there was possibly Britain’s Got Talent’s most dangerous act yet as Russian duo Vardanyan Brothers performed a shocking balancing act involving swords.


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV.

Those who get three or more yeses will go forward to the next round, where they stand the chance of making the live semi-finals.