Honeyz singer Celena Cherry has auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Simon Cowell reportedly interested in reuniting the girl group

Celena Cherry, the lead singer of girl group Honeyz, has reportedly auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent 2018 with her husband.


Honeyz found fame in the late 90s, achieving five top ten hits including ‘Finally Found’ and ‘Won’t Take It Lying Down’ before splitting in 2002.

Now Celena has teamed up with her husband Danny Oliver to form a new act – and they’re hoping to find success on the ITV talent contest.

According to The Sun, the couple staged a Michael Jackson tribute at BGT’s London auditions on Tuesday.

Celena told the audience: “I turned 40 last year, and this year marks 20 years since Honeyz came out.”

The judges were apparently impressed by the performance, and even suggested another Honeyz reunion.

Celena joked it was “up to Simon” Cowell to decide whether that would happen, and the music mogul seemed to be interested.


“I hadn’t thought about putting you back together, but I won’t rule it out now,” he responded.

Honeyz previously made a comeback in 2012, when three former members including Celena joined ITV2 reality show The Big Reunion.

It was so successful that they later embarked on an arena tour with the other bands that took part.

Other hopefuls that have reportedly appeared before the BGT judges include a male singer who had a “SuBo moment”.


There was also a Greek plate-smashing act that caused chaos when the judges and hosts Ant and Dec got involved.

We’ll find out how far they go in the competition when Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV in April.