Homesick Danny Miller comforted by David Ginola on I’m A Celebrity

A tearful Danny Miller admitted to being homesick on I’m A Celebrity tonight.

David Ginola comforted the actor who confessed he was missing his partner and family.

David told a downcast Danny: “It’s going to be fine. Concentrate on the food and think about how lucky you are. You have a lovely wife, a three week old baby boy. You need to be strong for them as well. They want to see you strong. When your son is going to watch the programme he’s going to say, ‘Wow, daddy was strong. He’s a strong man. He’s my idol.’ I know it’s hard.”

Danny asked: “Are you homesick?”

David admitted: “Oh yeah, every day. Every day I’m more in love with my girlfriend. Every day I’m more in passion with my life. I can’t wait, I can’t wait to get out and tell them how much I miss them. I think I’m going to hug my little girl for two hours. She will not understand.”

Tearful, Danny said: “Thanks, David.”

David added: “Believe in yourself and your capability. You’re very talented Danny.”

Earlier in the episode, Danny had spoken about the ups and downs of sharing a bed with David after the pair were voted the new camp leaders.

Danny said in the Telegraph: “It took a while to get off to sleep last night. But it is nice to hit a really nice mattress and get into a warm duvet and have the rhythmic snoring next to me to help me off to sleep that the Gaffer has very kindly given me both nights.”

Danny smiled to camp: “At one point I thought he was joking.”

Frankie laughingly suggested: “If you were that comfortable to do it – tampons [in each ear]?”

Sat around the campfire, David started to sing to Danny: “You are the one for me, for me, formidable, you are the one for me, for me, formidable…” He continued to sing Charles Aznavour in a mix of French and English to Danny.

Danny in the Telegraph said: “Not only am I sleeping next to him but he’s singing into my eyes. I enjoyed every second of it and it will live in my memory forever.”

Referring to Britain’s Got Talent, Danny said to David: “Golden Buzzer, bang!”

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.