Hit US series Fire Country comes to the UK on Sky in 2024


US TV show Fire Country is coming to the UK in 2024.

CBS’ critically acclaimed drama which has taken America by storm as the top-rated new TV series of the past year is scheduled for release in early 2024.

Fire Country will be available to watch in the UK on Sky Witness and streaming service NOW. A release date is to be announced.

The high-octane series is headlined and executive produced by Max Thieriot, (Seal Team). Fire Country delves into the life of Bode Donovan, a young convict portrayed by Thieriot, who is on a quest for redemption and a shortened sentence by enrolling in a prison-release firefighting program.

Drawing from Thieriot’s own upbringing in the wildfire-prone territories of Northern California, the show is not just a work of fiction but a heartfelt journey close to the lead actor’s experiences. It showcases the intense and perilous world of firefighting as Bode and his fellow inmates team up with elite fire crews to combat the ferocious wildfires that ravage the region.

The stakes soar when Bode returns to his small hometown in California as part of the firefighting brigade. His past, marked by a monumental mistake that led to his exile five years prior, haunts him as he confronts the ruins of his former life, armed with a criminal’s record and a bold hope for a second chance.

Fire Country brings a stellar ensemble cast alongside Thieriot, including Billy Burke (Twilight), Kevin Alejandro (Lucifer), Diane Farr (Chance), Stephanie Arcila (Marriposa de Barrio), Jordan Calloway (Riverdale) and Jules Latimer (Rustin).

The drama series spans 22 episodes.

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