Here’s what will get you kicked out of the Love Island villa

Here are the three rules that will get you kicked out of Love Island if broken.


While the ITV2 series doesn’t appear to have many boundaries, there are some lines that should never be crossed.

According to former Love Islander Theo Campbell, there are a trio of strict rules that will lead to instant eviction.

They are fighting, being sexually forceful and racist slurs.

Theo told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I was quite naughty on there but I wasn’t even close to being kicked out.”

In Love Island’s four seasons to date, only the one contestant has ever been ejected.

Malia Arkian was removed from the villa after rowing with Kady McDermott over Scott Thomas.


Malia and Kady got involved in a huge row and during the argument an altercation took place.

Afterwards, in the Beach Hut, Kady reflected on the night’s events: “Drink went down her foot, just a little bit on her foot. There’s no way someone’s coming in shouting at me like that. I mean, she hasn’t even been in the villa for five minutes. So I started getting rowdy back.

“The next thing you know, she full on shoves me. I’m a rowdy girl, but I’ve never in my life been in a physical fight. I think we both over-reacted to be honest. I just wish I’d let her shout, I wish I didn’t react back. I really regret it.”


In an interview filmed after she had been taken out of the villa, an apologetic Malia explained her actions, saying: “I’m not an aggressive person, I’ve never done anything like that in my life. I completely regret it. I’ve not had a chance to reveal who I am and what I’ve got to offer, and everything’s ended way too quickly.

“I want to apologise to Kady, I didn’t want that to happen. It’s not a ladylike thing to do, and I wouldn’t do that usually. It’s a horrible feeling.”

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