Here’s why The Voice UK coaches never change their clothes

The Voice UK 2019 judges and their constant clothing choices have been puzzling viewers.


For the past seven weeks we’ve seen the coaches sit through countless blind auditions in what seems to have been a non-stop conveyor belt of try outs.

The coaches don’t appear to have changed their clothes or even their hair over almost two months of auditions.

It turns out that the blind auditions were filmed over the course of one week and the coaches were told they had to make sure they looked exactly the same each time they went on camera.

This allows the editors to avoid continuity errors when switching between auditions filmed on different days.

However fashion fans will be delighted to know that there will be a change in clothes for the coaches next Saturday, when the battles begin.

The rule on keeping outfits the same during the auditions was no different on BBC, but ITV have changed one thing about what the coaches can wear.


While The Voice UK judges have to keep their outfits the same, they are allowed to wear whatever they want unlike on the BBC.

Discussing The Voice UK’s switch between BBC and ITV previously, Will.iam said: “I was a bit torn at first. I didn’t think I wanted to go to ITV,that’s where The X Factor is and I thought I was BBC for life.

“I was worried the commercial breaks could kill it, too.

“Then I was told I could wear whatever I wanted.”

Will explained: “The BBC had so many rules about what we could wear!


“I’m going to slim down for the live shows, so I can wear things I look really good in. You’re going to see me in tank tops, no more baggy clothes.”

The Voice UK continues next Saturday night on ITV with the first of the battles.

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