Guz Khan’s Man Like Mobeen to return for season 5

Man Like Mobeen

The BAFTA-nominated comedy Man Like Mobeen is set for a grand return, with the BBC confirming a fifth season.

Created by the talented duo Guz Khan and Andy Milligan, the show will return to deliver even more laughs and drama with a new six-episode run on BBC Three and iPlayer.

Guz Khan, renowned for his roles in Army of Thieves and The Bubble, reprises his role as the loveable yet notorious Mobeen. The cliff-hanger at the end of series four left fans eagerly awaiting the fate of the character, sparking widespread speculation and anticipation.

Guz Khan said: “You lot love Man Like Mobeen don’t you? Like LOVE it. As a man once said to me whilst I was using a urinal at Beaconsfield services, “I love Mobeen more than my wife and kids”. Bit much I think.

“But as a result, I think you should have some more. This time, much more. 6 episodes coming your way baby. See you soon b*stards.”

Jon Petrie, BBC Director of Comedy, added: “Well we couldn’t exactly end on that cliff-hanger could we?! Guz continues to bring his infectious energy to the scripts and screen, it’s no surprise that Man Like Mobeen is so well loved.”

Catch up on the show’s first four series on BBC iPlayer now.

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