Grime Kids: BBC Three drama to explore emergence of grime music

A new BBC Three drama will explore the emergence of grime music from subculture to international phenomenon.


Inspired by DJ Target’s book of the same name, Grime Kids is an original drama written by Bafta-nominated and BIFA-winning writer Theresa Ikoko.

The BBC share: “Grime Kids charts the rise of a fictional group of young adults growing up in the late 90s, dreaming of being able to make their voice heard through grime music.

“Set against a backdrop of real events and cultural moments, Grime Kids reveals how grime, born from within British housing estates, took over the world.”

Writer Theresa Ikoko said: “I’m really excited to be part of bringing this show to life. I hope it celebrates and cements the contribution of young people across the country to British history, art and culture.”

DJ Target added: “I’m beyond excited for this story to be brought to life on screen. It’s a real testament to how far UK music has come over the years, which is something that needs to be celebrated. Working with Theresa Ikoko and the mighty Mammoth Screen is a real honour, and I can’t wait for everybody to see this.”

Further information including a release date is to be announced.

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