Great British Bake Off may face Ofcom investigation over Noel Fielding in a fridge

Noel Fielding in a fridge may get the Great British Bake Off in trouble


The new series of the show on Channel 4 saw 6 million viewers tuning in on Tuesday night.

During the latest episode, co-host Noel was seen hiding in a refrigerator as co-host Sandi Toksvig opened up the door for Noel to reveal how much time the bakers had left, before closing him back inside.

“Just when you thought @NoelFielding11 couldn’t get any cooler…,” Channel 4 tweeted alongside a clip of the fridge antics.

But not everyone found comedy in the skit.

“#C4 How stupid can you be ? You should never shut people in a Fridge even for comic effect ! Children are watching this ! #GBBO” one viewer complained on Twitter.

Another said: “Well done @channel4 – showing a man hiding in a fridge. Children have died doing that. Not funny. #GBBO”


And a third added: “My daughter loves to watch Bake Off. I’ve just had to explain why she should never climb in a fridge. Can’t believe it got aired! #GBBO ?”

A total of 24 people have even made official objections to TV watchdog Ofcom who are now assessing the complaints to decide whether or not to launch an investigation.

“We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate,” a spokesperson said.

While some are unhappy with the fridge joke, others are equally unhappy about the people complaining.

“Actually can’t believe people are angry Noel hid in a fridge because it’s ‘dangerous’ cos kids might copy? Be a f**king parent then #GBBO,” one wrote on TWitter.


Another added: “If you have time to complain about Noel in a fridge for #GBBO than its official. You have no life.”

The Great British Bake Off 2017 continues Tuesday nights on Channel 4 at 8PM.