The Great British Bake Off 2017 results: Another baker says ‘ciao’ after Italian week

Steven claims his third Star Baker title - while Kate suffers an injury

Yan Tsou has become the seventh baker to be eliminated from The Great British Bake Off 2017 – while Italian week saw Steven Carter-Bailey secure his third Star Baker title.


In another brand new theme, this week the contestants had to produce three classic baked dishes from Italy.

However, their biggest test proved to be the glorious weather, with soaring temperatures making the tent – based in Welford Park, Berkshire – hotter than the city of Palermo.

“As temperatures rise, you fluster more, and as you fluster more you make mistakes,” commented judge Paul Hollywood.

The Signature challenge involved Sicilian cannoli, with each baker having to make 18 of the bubbly pastry tubes, with three different fillings.

Although the filling is traditionally ricotta-based, Sophie opted for mascarpone cheese, saying: “I think the texture’s nicer.”


Paul and Prue Leith gasped at the “highly unusual” move – but it proved successful, as Sophie’s cannoli were among the duo’s favourites. “You might have converted me,” Prue praised.


Liam and Steven’s efforts were also popular – but Stacey was marked down for her “doughy” tubes, while Yan was criticised for making her pastry “too tender”.

For the Technical, the bakers were set the deceptively simple task of making margherita pizzas.

It was interrupted when Kate had an accident and cut her finger on a fan, with medics being sent in to check her out.

She was given the all-clear to continue, but struggled to get her pizza in to the oven.

Paul and Prue ranked Kate’s “disaster” of a dish in fifth place – but it was Yan who finished bottom with her “underbaked” base.

Meanwhile, Steven came first after the judges struggled to decide between his and Liam’s pizzas.

Finally, the contestants had to rustle up 24 sfogliatelle – shell-shaped pastries – for their Showstoppers.


Again, Steven won rave reviews, with Paul commenting: “I think you could sell them in any pastry shop in Italy.”

Kate’s display failed to impress – “This was supposed to be a showstopper presentation” – but Paul approved of her flavours: “If you close your eyes you think that’s great.”

Stacey and Yan had the worst feedback, with Prue telling the latter: “You’re obviously disappointed, and in a way we’re disappointed too.”


Having suffered her second disastrous week in a row, Stacey was convinced she’d be sent home – but Paul and Prue instead decided to bid farewell to Yan.

“I’m amazed how far I’ve come,” the research scientist said. “It’s been a difficult, tough, amazing experience. I’ve had a totally wonderful adventure.”


Steven was crowned Star Baker for the third time, having previously earned the title in the first two episodes.

The quarter-final of Bake Off 2017 airs next Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4, with a ‘forgotten bakes’ theme.