Great British Bake Off 2017 contestants: Meet the bakers on the Channel 4 series

Great British Bake Off 2017 cast confirmed

Here are the contestants on the Great British Bake Off 2017 has the series concludes tonight.


The Great British Bake Off finishes on Channel 4 this Tuesday evening at 8PM having started with 12 bakers battling it out in 30 challenges over 10 weeks.

Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith have set the tasks and will decide the star baker – plus which unlucky contestant is sent home – each week.

But it’s not just a new experience for the bakers. Also joining the tent for the first time are Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding, who will be with the bakers every step of the way, ready with a pertinent pep talk, a helpful hand or just a sympathetic shoulder to cry on…

The new series finishes with the final tonight, as the remaining trio of bakers face their last challenges.

The Great British Bake Off 8 - 2017: - Baker Kate
The Great British Bake Off 8 – 2017: – Baker Kate

Meet all the bakers and the Great British Bake Off results as they stand below…

Great British Bake Off 2017

Aged 29 from Merseyside


Kate lives in Merseyside and works as a Health and Safety Inspector. History fan Kate is predominately self-taught and utilises old-fashioned techniques for baking, such as using smoked flour for sour dough bread, and recreating recipes such as a Dockers Wedding Cake.

Aged 52 from Essex

IT Programme Manager Peter started baking eight years ago after feeling unwell, which he put down to eating shop bought bread. He started making his own and has never looked back. Peter prides himself on making the picture perfect macaron based on a Pierre Hermes recipe. He was eliminated in week two.

Aged 21 from West Sussex

Originally from Kemerovo, Siberia, Julia met her British husband Matt on holiday in Turkey when she was 17. Julia taught herself to bake from a young age, however, any time she wanted to bake, she would have to save up money from her after school job to buy the ingredients. Julia left in week 6.

The Great British Bake Off 8 - 2017: - Baker Julia
The Great British Bake Off 8 – 2017: – Baker Julia

Aged 50 from Bristol

Chris currently works as a software developer. Chris admits he is obsessed with the science behind baking and is constantly developing healthy but unusual flavour combinations. As a cancer survivor, he is passionate about helping and inspiring other patients touched by the disease. He was eliminated in week one.


Aged 71 from Merseyside

Flo was raised alongside her eleven siblings in Huyton, Liverpool. After meeting her late husband Richard at the age of 21 whilst working at the sausage factory, Flo started to bake delicious treats for their three young children. When her husband died two years ago, Flo was encourage to start baking again to help her deal with the grief.

Aged 34 from Hertfordshire

Steven comes from a family of strong baking women, and describes baking as being in his blood after his mum, Judi, taught him the basics 25 years ago. When he finally had a kitchen of his own, Steven started to take it more seriously and now cooks and bakes everything he eats and even lost 5 stone in the process.

Chuen-Yan (Yan) (ELIMINATED)
Aged 46 from North London

Yan lives in North London with her wife, Marian, cat Kacey and her sourdough starter called ‘Muvver’. Yan was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK when she was two, with her parents and brother Ken, she also has another brother Yee, and sister Ying. Growing up in a Chinese household meant Yan’s family would steam rather than bake and used their oven as storage space.

Aged 46 from Essex


James lives in Essex with his wife Ann, two sons and their three chickens. James describes himself as a bald, baking banker from Brentwood with a bad back.James loves to spend his free time in the fresh air at his allotment, growing fruit and vegetables to incorporate into his bakes. His main baking influence is his father, Brian, who first taught him to bake over 40 years ago.

Aged 33 from Surrey

Sophie grew up in Suffolk and now lives in Surrey with her boyfriend, David and cat Loki. After volunteering to make a friend’s birthday cake, Sophie discovered she had a natural talent for baking and more recently, a passion for patisserie.

The Great British Bake Off 8 - 2017: - Baker Tom
The Great British Bake Off 8 – 2017: – Baker Tom

Aged 29 from Edinburgh

Architect Tom lives in Edinburgh, with his partner David. Baking has always been a huge part of family life for Tom and his siblings, who were taught to bake by his mother June, a Home Economics teacher. The family cherishes recipe books passed down by grandparents from both sides of the family.

Aged 42 from Hertfordshire

Ex school teacher Stacey lives with her husband James and their 3 sons in Hertfordshire. Stacey has fond memories of helping her grandmother, Phyllis, make bread and butter pudding when she was a little girl, but it was during university days where she really started to bake seriously.

The Great British Bake Off 8 - 2017: - Baker Liam
The Great British Bake Off 8 – 2017: – Baker Liam

Aged 19 from North London


Student Liam was born in Hackney, North London, and is fondly known as the ‘Cake Boy’ amongst his university friends. Having only baked for 4 years, Liam already has a vast baking repertoire under his belt. One of Liam’s main ambitions is to make baking acceptable amongst his peers and the younger generation.

The Great British Bake Off concludes on Channel 4 tonight, Tuesday, October 31 at 8PM.