Future Food Stars: All about Gordon Ramsay’s new TV show on BBC One

Gordon Ramsay is to front a brand new competition series for BBC One.


In Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, the world’s most famous chef will be on the hunt for country’s most exciting and innovative new food and drink entrepreneurs.

In what sounds like a mix between The Apprentice and Kitchen Nightmares, a teaser from the BBC reveals: “In an era of subscription boxes, food apps, and high-tech delivery services, Britain is in the middle of a food revolution.

“Gordon’s always been at the cutting edge of the food industry, and he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is by backing the winner with an investment to take their idea to the next level.

“But to win Gordon’s support will take more than just a great idea; they’ll need to prove they possess the raw ingredients required to succeed – drive, dedication, passion and talent.

“This isn’t a man who suffer fools, and Gordon will push all 12 candidates to their limits through a series of relentless challenges inspired by his highly successful career.

“Being the last entrepreneur standing will win them a life-changing reward. They just need to survive Gordon Ramsay – the only angel investor who’ll put them through hell…”


The winner of the series will take home a £150,000 investment from Gordon into their food business.

Gordon Ramsay said: “The future of our food industry has never been more exciting.

“I can’t wait to search across the country unearthing some of Britain’s most entrepreneurial talent.

“I’ve spent the last 21 years at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay nurturing, supporting and mentoring some of Great Britain’s greatest chefs and that’s truly why I think investing in the next generation of talented individuals is so important!”

The eight-part series of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars will air on BBC One and iPlayer.


For now you can watch a first look trailer below…