Gemma Owen spills all on Love Island and future with Luca Bish

Gemma Owen has spilled all about her time on Love Island and her future with Luca Bish.

Gemma and Luca finished in second place in Monday’s Love Island final.

Reacting to the result, Gemma said: “It feels absolutely amazing. I don’t think any of us expected it. I feel like it could have been anyone out of the four couples.

“Really strong connections – I love all of them! Whatever the situation was last night, I think we all just would have been happy for each other – a really good group of people.”

Love Island: SR8: Ep54 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Gemma and Luca on a date.
Love Island: SR8: Ep54 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Gemma and Luca on a date. ©ITV

Looking forward to their future together, Luca revealed he was hoping to soon make things official.

“There is a plan and it will hopefully happen in the next month and I’m sure you’ll see it unfold. It’ll be something to do with a swimming pool,” he shared.

Gemma revealed: He knows me well enough now to not do anything too cringe! So, I trust him and I’ll let him get on with it. I’m sure I’ll love it, whatever it is.

And on meeting one another’s families, Gemma continued: “I’m not really nervous to meet Luca’s family. I think they all seem absolutely lovely and I’m not nervous for Luca to meet mine because I think they’ll get on and he’ll fit straight in.

“His personality, his banter and what he loves, I think he’ll get on with everyone.”

She added: “If my mum was like ‘absolutely not’ then yeah I think that would be the end of it [laughs]. I haven’t had a chance to speak to her properly but from the small bits I’ve heard, she’s really happy and likes him.”

However it’s not just Gemma’s mum that Luca needs to be winning over.

“Luca needs to impress Sirius,” dressage star Gemma said of her horse. “If Sirius doesn’t like Luca then it’s pretty much game over! You’ve heard a lot about him haven’t you?”

love island final gemma luca

Luca added: “Yeah. Apparently I’ve got to get in the stables with him straight away and see how I react….to a massive horse! I’m sure I’ll feel fine!”

Ultimately reflecting on their relationship on leaving the villa after the final, Gemma said: “I would say the more we’ve got to know each other, we’re so similar. We’re pretty much the same person.

“It’s so nice. We’re both stubborn and have little bickers. It’s just everything. And a best friend in a partner is something that I’ve always wanted.”

Luca gushed: “My favourite thing about her is no matter how I felt I would turn around and she’d just give me a hug or something and I would smile. I’ve never had that with anyone as I’d never want to show emotion in front of any other partner.”

Love Island will return in the new year on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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