Gemma Collins ‘plans to sue BBC’ after THAT fall at Radio 1’s Teen Awards

Gemma Collins says she’s speaking to lawyers after falling at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

The TOWIE star took an unfortunate stumble while on stage and ended up falling down a pit.

“It is a miracle I am living to tell the tale,” a completely not over the top Gemma said this week. “I could have died or at least been disabled at the end of it. I could have been legless.

“I didn’t even know there was a hole there. No joke, my life did flash before my eyes. I thought I was dead.”

And she revealed: “People couldn’t see it, but underneath the stage there’s a lot of machinery and the Love Island people were coming up on a platform.

“When I actually went down into the pit, they were screaming, ‘Get her up because her legs are going to get crushed, her legs are going to get crushed’.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Gemma said she was speaking to lawyers about the incident.

“The BBC, they’ve not been in touch with any compensation or anything – or even an apology,” Gemma told the tabloid. “It’s very important this gets sorted out because really you know what it is – it’s negligence. The BBC hasn’t sent any flowers. Nothing.”

Gemma has been left with bruising and a bad back after the fall.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “We’re glad Gemma is OK and she is a proper trooper.”