Flesh and Blood cast and spoilers from new ITV drama

Flesh and Blood 2020 air date, cast and number of episodes from ITV series

Flesh and Blood is the brand new drama airing from ITV – here’s all you need to know.


The new four-part series is described as “darkly witty and gripping” – when does it air and who’s in the cast?

Flesh and Blood is written by Sarah Williams (The Long Song, Case Sensitive, Poppy Shakespeare) and directed by BAFTA nominee and Grierson award winner Louise Hooper (Cheat, Vera, Cold Feet)

Flesh and Blood air date

Flesh and Blood started on Monday, February 24 at 9PM on ITV.

Episodes aired nightly across the week at 9PM through to Thursday, February 27.

You’re be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

You can also buy the series in full on DVD here or buy and download to stream from Amazon Prime Video.


Flesh and Blood cast

Leading the Flesh and Blood cast are Imelda Staunton (Maleficent, Paddington, Harry Potter, Vera Drake), Francesca Annis (Home Fires, The Little House, Cranford), Russell Tovey (Years and Years, Quantico) and Stephen Rea (Dickensian, War & Peace, The Honourable Woman).

Joining the ensemble are Claudie Blakley (Manhunt, Grantchester, Lark Rise To Candleford), Lydia Leonard (Gentleman Jack, Absentia, Apple Tree Yard), Sharon Small (London Kills, Trust Me, Born to Kill), Lara Rossi (Cheat, Crossing Lines), Keir Charles (Man Up, Love Actually, Green Wing) and Vincent Regan (Victoria, The Royals, Atlantis).

Completing the cast are David Bamber (Valkyrie, Doctors, The Bourne Identity), Stephanie Langton (Ransom, Law & Order UK), Clara Indrani (Vera, The Rebel, EastEnders) and Grace Hogg-Robinson (The Coroner, Mum).

Flesh and Blood spoilers

Flesh and Blood tells the story of three adult siblings – Helen (Claudie Blakley), Jake (Russell Tovey) and Natalie (Lydia Leonard) – who find themselves thrown into disarray when their recently widowed mother Vivien (Francesca Annis) declares she’s in love with a new man, Mark (Stephen Rea).

Then there’s Mary (Imelda Staunton), who has lived next door to Vivien for 40 years. Despite not being family, Mary appears unhealthily attached to Vivien and her family’s unfolding drama.

In the aftermath of a family celebration, a body lies on the beach, terribly injured – perhaps dead. But who is it?

Just a few weeks earlier, a family of adult siblings is shaken when their recently-widowed mother, Vivien, announces her love for a new man, retired surgeon Mark. Tensions rise as the siblings’ question why Vivien hasn’t mentioned Mark before and are forced to reassess her entire marriage to their father. Mark seems devoted to her, but isn’t it all a bit sudden?


Even Vivien’s neighbour, Mary, is surprised by this turn of events and closely scrutinises the new arrival. She feels protective of Vivien and this family she has known so well and for so long.

At the same time, events in the siblings’ own love-lives start to spiral out of control. Vivien’s eldest daughter Helen is overloaded at work, unaware that her family is fracturing as husband George and daughter Lily feel ignored.

Middle son Jake is a personal fitness instructor. His marriage with Leila hit the rocks months ago thanks to Jake’s gambling. In order to regain Leila’s trust and put his family back together, he’ll need to pay back his debts. With this in mind, a wealthy client offers him a highly unorthodox solution.

Vivien’s youngest daughter, Natalie, has been involved with Tony for nearly five years now. However, she expertly conceals this as Tony happens to be her boss – and also married. Natalie’s growing worry that, despite his promises, Tony will never leave his wife, leads her down a dangerous path.


When Vivien suffers a health scare and Mark moves in to look after her, the siblings become alarmed about their mother’s growing dependence on him and suspect that he’s only after her money. But can they overcome years of sibling rivalry to truly put their mother’s health and happiness first?

Meanwhile Mary is quietly watching events unfold from her garden next door and dispensing tea, sympathy and advice to them all.

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