Five Guys a Week series 2 episodes and cast of Channel 4’s dating series

Five Guys a Week contestants 2020

Channel 4 dating show Five Guys a Week is back for a second series in 2020.


Five Guys a Week is the dating show that puts the woman in charge.

Fast-tracking the ‘getting to know you’ part of the relationship, in each episode one single girl will invite five guys who are looking for love to move into her home and live with her for a week.

The men will go everywhere with their host: From work to a night out with mates, from dinner with the parents or just staying in. A combination of fixed rig and roaming cameras follow all the action.

The single lady must eliminate four of the men by the end of the week, whittling them down to the last man standing. Will he turn out to be the perfect match?

Watch Five Guys a Week series 2 on TV and onlinee

Five Guys a Week returned for season two on Friday, September 18 at 10PM on Channel 4. New episodes will air weekly on Friday nights.

Season 2 has five episodes.


You can watch all episodes online now and catch up via the All 4 Player here.

The first series of five episodes is also currently available to watch online now.

Five Guys a Week episodes

Episode 1 – September 18
Series two opens with Tara, a 32-year-old business consultant from Halifax in Yorkshire, and compete to win her affections. Nearly all of Tara’s friends are married, whereas just about the most serious relationship she’s ever had is with Kaiser – her German shepherd.

The five guys joining her are Peter Kay lookalike Lou; Essex-based photographer Chris, northerner Kris; muscly oven cleaner Michael and shopping centre boss Adam.


Episode 2 – September 25
Bonnie, a 24-year-old carer from York, has big dreams. She’s spent most of her life living with her mum and dad and looking after her sister, but she’s also a music-loving singer who performs with a rock band in her spare time and yearns for some excitement in the love department.

Joining Bonnie for the week is financial administrator Ray; vegan yoga teacher Eden; aerospace engineering student Ruben; muscly Ben who runs exercise classes in five-star hotels, and sensitive romantic Charlie, an aspiring singer-songwriter.



Episode 3 – October 2
Aimee, a 22-year-old office administrator from Oxford, isn’t sure that true love exists, having experienced her parents and many of their friends get divorced. She’s hesitant about opening herself up to potential heartbreak, but now she’s built up the courage to roll the dice and find out.

The five guys competing for her affections are Max, an ambitious young wannabe entrepreneur who has his sights set on world domination; structural engineer Samuel, whose tactic to connect with a girl is to make her laugh; recruitment consultant and self-confessed ‘dark horse’ Oli; personal trainer and rapper Raquan; and Abz, nicknamed as such for his bewildering array of abdominal muscles.

Episode 4 – October 9
This week features Charlotte, a 37-year-old health and diet consultant from Surrey. Charlotte feels that time is running out for her to settle down and have a baby. Her parents, Patricia and Terry, are handing over the keys of their Surrey mansion to their daughter so that she can find a potential suitor.

Joining her are Toby, a boarding schoolboy-turned-entrepreneur and part-time explorer; former golf professional Graham; fashion industry creative director Pete; another Toby, a recruitment consultant from London and suave gym owner Lawrence.


Episode 5 – October 16
The final episode features 51-year-old Sharon in Caerphilly in Wales. Sharon lost her virginity in her teens and got pregnant on that very same night. A grandmother by the age of 40, she’s always devoted her time and energy to her family. But now that they’ve flown the nest, she wants to put herself first for a change.

Joining her are international salesman Zac is 10 years Sharon’s junior; entrepreneur Paul; Jason Statham lookalike Dan; Exmouth handyman Ben, and warehouse yard operative and cycling enthusiast Mark.



Five Guys A Week airs Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 4 and is available to stream in full via All 4 here.

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