Five Guys a Week cast and episode guide from Channel 4’s new dating series

Five Guys a Week contestants

Five Guys a Week is the brand new dating show from Channel 4 – here’s all you need to know.


Five Guys a Week is the new dating show that puts the woman in charge.

Fast-tracking the ‘getting to know you’ part of the relationship, one single girl invites five guys who are looking for love to move into her home and live with her for a week… all at the same time.

The men will go everywhere with their host en-masse: whether that’s to work, on a night out with mates, or for dinner with the parents, with a combination of fixed rig and roaming cameras following all the action.

The picker must eliminate four of the men by the end of the week, whittling them down to the last man standing. Will he turn out to be the perfect match?

Five Guys a Week air date

Five Guys a Week started at 9:15PM on Tuesday, March 10 on Channel 4.

The first five episodes in the first series aired weekly.

You’re be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the All4 Player here.


Five Guys a Week cast and episodes

Episode 1 – March 10 – watch online

5 Guys A Week
Ep1. Trystan, Michael, Amy, Scott, Christian and Glen.

In the first episode, 34-year old marketing consultant Amy Louisa Jane from St Albans is the picker. You can follow Amy on Instagram @amy_louisa_jane here.

Recently divorced and looking for an adventurous new guy, Amy’s always thought of herself as a bit of a goody-two-shoes, but now she’s ready to throw caution to the wind and has chosen an exciting group of guys to move in with her.

The five guys vying for her affections are sun-kissed surfer Trystan, country-and-western singer-songwriter Scott, debonair stuntman Michael, international fraud investigator Christian and local government consultant Glenn.


Episode 2 – March 17 – watch online

Ep2.  Kellie.
Ep2. Kellie.

In week 2, we meet fiercely-independent hair salon owner Kellie Dobson from Burnley, who’s 32, isn’t looking for a shrinking violet. You can follow Kellie on Instagram @kelliemariedobson

Her five selected guys include Steve, a British Army Commando, and Lee, an amateur strongman. There’s also nightclub DJ Barry, sports shop manager Craig and gourmet burger van owner and operator Anthony.


Episode 3 – March 24 – watch online

Ep3.  Hope.
Ep3. Hope.

Thirty-year-old project coordinator Hope comes from Jamaican heritage, while her taste in men is decidedly Celtic. She has one clear stipulation about the guys she is attracted to – they must be ginger-haired. Think Ed Sheeran, or Prince Harry. You can follow Kellie on Instagram @hopeoprahv.

Hope welcomes her five ginger guys into the family home in Manchester that she shares with her mum Janet and stepdad Harold. They are entrepreneur Daryl, theatre marketing manager Paul, law student Stephen, fluent Chinese speaker Ryan, and trainee reiki master Matt from the Rhondda Valley.


Episode 4 – March 31 – watch online

Ep4.  Susan.
Ep4. Susan.

Glamorous fun-loving Susan is ready to date again after losing her husband eight years ago. She recently celebrated her 68th birthday and wants a guy to be by her side when she celebrates her 69th.

She has selected an eclectic mix of guys between the ages of 60 and 67 to move into her beautifully-decorated Georgian cottage in Yorkshire. The guys she has picked are Gavin, formerly the lead guitarist in a rock band, sharply-dressed Greek café owner Tasos, Cyril, an ex-car salesman with the gift of the gab, former entrepreneur Adrian, and new-age vegan Theo.


Episode 5 – April 7 – watch online

nina five guys
Ep 5. Nina

Appearances matter to 33-year-old sales executive Nina. Her Sunderland flat is immaculate and she’s looking for a guy that won’t look out of place in her beloved des res.

Moving in with Nina for the week are sculpted Scott, a sports nutritionist and part-time model, marine engineer Carl, financial adviser Mark, self-styled Ryan Gosling lookalike Dale, and oil rig worker Joe who is back on dry land for two weeks’ shore leave.


Details for further episodes will be confirmed in due course.

Five Guys A Week airs at 9:15PM on Channel 4 on Tuesdays from March 10.

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