Finders Keepers cast of new Channel 5 drama

(L-R) ASHLEY (James Buckley), MARTIN (Neil Morrissey) in Finders Keepers
(L-R) ASHLEY (James Buckley), MARTIN (Neil Morrissey) have been surprised by the Games Keeper and are unsure if the Games Keeper has spotted the Saxon treasure in the back of the car.

Finders Keepers has arrived on Channel 5 – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.


When Martin and Ashley, two detectorists, discover a hoard of Saxon treasure, a single misguided choice propels them into a world rife with deception and murder accusations. They find themselves entangled with Rocky, a notorious local, and the determined Detective Sergeant Doyle of the Greater London Police.

As tension escalates, Martin, driven by financial motives and the desire to safeguard his family, is pushed to his limits, exposing the darker aspects of human nature. His efforts to extricate himself from this predicament have catastrophic effects on him and his family, imperilling their once peaceful existence.

Finders Keepers 2024 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of Finders Keepers on Channel 5:

  • Neil Morrissey plays Martin Stone
  • James Buckley plays Ashley Taylor
  • Fay Ripley plays Anne Stone
  • Jessica Rhodes plays Laura Stone
  • Rakhee Thakrar plays DS Carole Doyle
  • Shane Attwooll plays Greg ‘Rocky’ Rock
  • Brendan Coyle plays Denys Elland
ANNE (Fay Ripley) in Finders Keepers
ANNE (Fay Ripley) tells Martin she is not happy with the Carehome that their disabled son, Josh, is in.

Watch Finders Keepers on TV and online

The new series begins on Wednesday, 17 January at 9PM on Channel 5. The series has four episodes which will air weekly.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Martin Stone, a passionate local history buff and unassuming family man, running a small precision engineering firm in Somerset’s scenic countryside. Married to Anne and father to Laura and Josh, with the latter needing continuous residential care due to his disability, the family faces financial challenges, further strained by Laura’s upcoming wedding to Ashley.

During a metal detecting trip with Ashley, intended to repair their fraught relationship, they stumble upon a valuable Saxon treasure in a nearby farm’s tranquil fields. This find thrusts Martin into a dilemma: obey the law and report it, or conspire with Rocky, Ashley’s ex-criminal acquaintance, to sell it clandestinely. For Martin, this could be an opportunity to be acknowledged as a revered historian and protector of heritage, or it might be the long-awaited stroke of luck, a chance to finally get ahead after years of unrewarding toil.

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